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World Weather

Whether you like "weather" or not.....Have you noticed that everyone starts taking about it once there is nothing left to talk about !!!!!   But really, weather does seem to affect our moods and emotions. A bright sunny say will bring out the best in some....yet there are many who love a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day.   Anyway, you can find what the weather is like in your city below. Also, if you are a weather lover, here are some real interesting sites to see. Enjoy !

 So how is the weather in your town?????

Convert degrees F to degrees C using the box below.

Enter a number in either field, then click outside the text box to get the temperature conversion.

Great Weather Sites

Weather.com  Weather and forecasts.

World Book Around the World Climates : Great Interactive site.

Weather LabsWeatherLabs supplies weather information to consumers around the globe through its World Wide Web site.

CNN.com Weather : Weather and weather news for the USA.


Here is a glimpse about Indian seasons. 

India has a diverse physical environment, including some of the wettest places on Earth, both hot and cold deserts, some of the most extreme mountain climates (of the Himalayas), as well as equatorial ocean climates  In any given month therefore the climate differs dramatically from region to region.  

Winter in India 

January is the coldest month over most of India, although December is the coolest month in the central and eastern peninsular regions. The minimum temperatures in Northern India rarely exceed 50 degrees F, while in the south it rarely goes below 68 degrees F. States in the upper north and most of the Himalayan mountain regions are usually snowed under; where winter sports and mountain climbing are popular.   Back to Indian Seasons 

Summer in India 

 May is the hottest month over the greatest part of India, with mean maximum temperatures reaching 104 degrees F. in northern India, and 95-104 degrees F in the peninsular regions. Beaches in Goa and the Malabar coast are very popular during this time. The hilly regions of the Himalayas and Western Ghats ( mountains) are cooler, and hill stations are a favorites retreat from the sweltering heat and humidity of the plains and the west coast.   Back to Indian Seasons 

Monsoons in India 

The southwest monsoon season is from May to October.  The Western Ghats (mountains) act as a wind shadow and the west coast receives rainfall mainly from June to September. Delhi gets  rainfall  chiefly from July to September.  In northwest, Rajasthan  rainfall rarely exceeds 100mm.  

Assam and the Shillong Plateau in the East have some of the highest rainfall in the world; annual rainfall of over 20,000 mm  have been recorded in Cherrapunjee, on the Shillong Plateau, marking it as the wettest place on Earth.   Back to Indian Seasons   


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