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 International Cooking Links

The Internet is a virtual smorgasbord of Great and not-so-great Web sites about food, covering everything from basic recipes to fancy entertaining. The World Wide Web is a valuable kitchen guide to where to find it, how to make it and how to enjoy it.  We have listed the following on this page for your convenience. 

Web www.CuisineCuisine.com

International Cooking Links      Top

Here are some websites definitely worth looking at.


    Chopstix  Ian Fenn's Chinese food and culture site Recipes, cooking tips, Chinese love calculator and lots of info about the role of food in Chinese culture.

    Chinese Cuisine   Simple, well designed site with an extensive index of recipes. 

    Great Chefs   Meet some of the great chefs of the world. Affiliate of the TV channel Discovery.com . Newsletter and recipes. 

    Greek Recipes at EatGreekTonight has a list of quintessential Greek recipes. You can add your own recipes and  

    Indonesian Recipes at Tammy’s cooking recipe Online - Pictures of foods with easy recipes. 

     Italian Cuisine Recipes, secrets, ingredients: everything you always wanted to know about Italian Cooking and Wines but were afraid to ask!

    Jewish Cooking  Recipes and basic info about the food.

    Mexican Cuisine Mexican and Yucatecan Cuisine.  There are recipes, descriptions of various dishes, and some history on Mexican cuisine. 

    Persian Cuisine  largest collection of Iranian/Persian recipes on the internet.  Authentic cookbooks ( in English) devoted to cuisine of Iran are difficult to find, therefore, we have tried to include as many recipes as we can in this section.

    Russian Cuisine Recipes, newsletter and forum with a brief history of Russian cuisine.

    Thai Recipes  Recipes, tips, ingredients, travel info to Thailand and more.

    Australian Recipes  Everything "Aussie" A private collection of over 450 delicious recipes from Australia now available for all to prepare and enjoy. Rissoles to ice creams, scones to casseroles and soups to lollies with sprinklings of our wonderful Australian culture, humor and sayings.

    Celebrity Chef Websites    Top

    Cooking Magazines on line and off   Top

    • BonAppetit : Bon Appétit is America's food and entertaining magazine! In every issue, you'll get over 75 new recipes for everything from delicious appetizers and 30-minute main courses to fabulous desserts. You'll also find expert wine advice and reviews, practical cooking tips and techniques, menus for fast suppers, ideas for elegant entertaining, plus suggestions for cozy weekend getaways.
    • Cooking Light..com - is focused on healthy living, both in and out of the kitchen.
    • Cuisine : An Illustrated Guide to Creative Home Cooking -  has recipes, tips, a delicious site to visit.
    • Cafe Creosote - This site features reviews of cookbooks and cooking magazines, along with some recipes.
    • Good Housekeeping - has a great assortment of easy recipes.
    • Epicurious : Food for People Who Eat  has some great recipes and helpful hints and techniques to use in the kitchen.
    • Gourmet Connection Magazine - Online magazine dedicated to gourmet food, health, and the finer things in life. Recipes, food and health articles, current news and forums.
    • The Herbal Sampler - Recipes, herbal lore, growing, harvesting and using herbs are only part of the information of this bimonthly publication.
    • Kitchen and Gourmet - The translated German Magazine Küche and Genuß. The German Cooking-Magazine, everything around Kitchen and Gourmet.
    • Kitchen Garden - The magazine site for gardeners who love to cook and cooks who love to garden, featuring recipes, and tips
    • Wine Spectator Magazine - Online site for major American wine and lifestyle print magazine. Columns, wine reviews and bulletin boards.

    Fast Food Chains Across the US Top

    All logos above belong to their respective companies. 

    Gourmet & Specialty Stores 

    • Trader Joes Often called "a store of stories," we travel the culinary seas to bring our customers unique, high quality products for great value.

    • NASFT The Specialty Food Market -  Find thousands of hard-to-find gourmet products, previously found only at the most selective specialty food stores.

    • 1-800-Gourmet Online Specialty Gourmet Food Store

Web www.CuisineCuisine.com

International Cooking Links is constantly updated. However, feel free to let us know if you find out-of-date links, or if you are aware of a great cooking related site that you think should be added here. Go Here to Suggest A Link 





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