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Indian Recipe Box 

New Recipe: Varan

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Scroll down for recipe categories. New Recipes are added every week. So visit often.   We hope you enjoy the site. Please be patient while we develop the BEST for you.   

Cheryl L. from Blue Springs, MO, USA says I have two daughters who are adopted from India and am trying to learn all I can so I can raise them with some knowledge of their birth country. Your site has been a great resource, not just for food (which is great!), but also for background on Indian culture. Thank you!

Masalas & Spice Blends

 Salads, Kachumbers & Raitas            Chutneys & Pickles

Indian Soups               







  • Bengali

  • Goan

  • Gujarati

  • Kashmiri

  • Maharashtrian

  • Muglai 

  • Rajastahani

  • Parsi

  • Punjabi

  • South Indian 

  • Indian Chinese 


Hakka Noodles, Manchurian, Schezwan and the orange-red American Chopsuey are all the fabulous creations of the Kolkota chefs years ago. They brought a spicy Indianness to the very bland Chinese cuisine.

Walk the streets of any of the metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta and you will find roadside carts whipping up tasty creations from red hot woks and with a myriad of indo-chinese essentials like scallions, ginger, garlic, noodles, rice, chicken and veges....yes and not to forget the all inclusive "kothimbir".  

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Masalas & Spice Blends                         Top

Kachumbers and Raitas                        Top

Chutneys  &  Pickles                              Top

  • Coriander chutney 

  • Garlic Chutney - Maharashtrian chutney

  • Green Chutney For Sandwiches

  • Mint Chutney - Goes well with Kebabs

  • Tamarind Chutney - Great tangy chutney 

  •   Indian Barbecue                                   Top

    Appetizers  &  Snacks                         Top


    Indian Soups                                        Top

    Non-Vegetarian Entrees                  Top

    Vegetarian Entrees                               Top

    Rice, Biryanis and Pulaos                      Top

    Indian Breads                                      Top

    Indian Desserts                                      Top

    Indian Drinks                                       Top

    Baisakhi Recipes

    • Chole Bhature

    • Coconut Ladoo

    • Dry Fruit Kheer

    • Makke Di Roti

    • Pindi Channa

    • Poori

    • Sarsoon Ka Saag

    • Til Ke Gajak

    • Til Ladoo  

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    Christmas Recipes

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    Diwali Recipes

    How to celebrate Lakshmi Puja?

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    Durga Puja Recipes  

    • Luchi

    • Aloo Dum

    • Rasgulla

    • Dhokar Dalna

    • Pabda Macher Jhol

    • Misto Doi

    • Red Dal Curry

    • Narkel-Cholar Dal

    • Mango Chutney

    •  Karaishuti-r Kachuri

    • Malpoa

    • Nawabi Biryani

    • Payesh

    • Shukto

    • Kasha Mangsho

    • Mocha-r Ghonto

    • Macher Kaliya

    • Begun Bhaja

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    Eid Recipes

    • Mrouziya

    • Haleem

    • Nawabi Biryani

    • Mutton Korma

    • Shami Kabab

    • Shikampuri Kabab

    • Beef rendang

    • Klaicha - date-filled pastry

    • Badam Phirni

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    Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes  

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    GUDI PADWA Recipes  

    1. Shrikhand

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    Guru Purab Recipes  

    • Missi Roti

    • Took

    • Amritsari Paneer

    • Bhindi Masala

    • Aloo Ka Halwa

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    Holi Recipes  

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    Kadwa Chauth Recipes  

    • Kachori

    • Benarasi Dahi ki Badi

    • Dahiwale Aloo

    • Chiwda Batata

    • Sweet Chutney

    • Moongodi ki Chaat

    • Dahivada-boondi-chaat

    • Pakoda-dahi-chaat

    • Dahi Batata Puri

    • Green Chutney

    • Ragda Patties

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    Lohri Recipes  

    • Ganee Ki Kheer 

    • Atta Ladoo

    • Coconut Chikki

    • Gajak

    • Dry Fruit Chikki 

    • Kurmura Ladoo 

    • Shengdana Chikki

    • Kheer

    • Phinnie

    • Peanut Gajak 

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    Makar Sankranti / PONGAL Recipes  

    • Til Poli

    • Til Ladoos

    • Moongphali Ladoos

    • Sengdana Chikki

    • Moong Dal Khichdi

    • Eliappe

    • Sakkarai Pongal

    • Maczhial

    • Adrakpak

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    Navratri Recipes  

    • Aloo Khichdi 

    • Kele Ke Kofte 

    • Boondi Ka Raita

    • Dal Stuffed Puri

    • Khuskhus Aloo

    • Banana Chips

    • Arbi Fried

    • Aloo Pulao

    • Aloo Mewawale

    • Malaiwale Kofte Vrat Ke Chawal

    • Sukhi Arbi

    • Sukha Aloo

    • Singhare Ke Pakore

    • Sabudana Puri

    • Kotu Aloo Pakora

    • Saboodana Vadaa 

    • Gobhi Ke Sabzi

    • Singhara Ke Burfee 

    • Kaddu Ke Sabzi

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    Onam Recipes  

    • Parippu Curry 

    • Sambar 

    • Avial 

    • Kalan 

    • Olan 

    • Thoran 

    • Puliinji 

    • Injithair 

    • Pineapple Pachhady 

    • Erissery 

    • Kootucurry 

    • Naranga Pickle 

    • Manga Curry 

    • Banana Chips 

    • Sarkarapuratty 

    • Payasam 

    • Prathaman 

    • Lady's Finger Kichadi 

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