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Fun Things To Do

Well this channel has been specially designed for kids and adults. Here you will find lots of fun things to do. Kids love to play with mushy things. Also keep them entertained with Fun Kid Art Recipes.  

Also learn about what the Links On Your Left are all about. Click Here to find out more.

Fun Kids Art Recipes

  1. Kids Play Dough - Home Made 

  2. Bubbles - Home Made

  3. Glubby Glob - Home Made


1 cup  All-Purpose Flour
1 1/2 cup  Water
1 cup  Salt
2 tbsp Cornstarch
2 tsp  Oil
5 drops Food Coloring - Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

COMBINE flour, cornstarch, and salt in large bowl. In a large measuring cup, mix together the oil and water. Add small amount of the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients until fully mixed. Knead with hands until smooth. Add the food coloring - or - divide dough into several portions and color individually.

KEEP dough in a plastic bag, or air tight container. If the dough is old bring stiff dough back to life by adding a few drops of cooking oil and water.



1/4 cup  Liquid Dishwashing Soap (Do not use soap intended for the dishwasher)
1/2 cup  Water
1 tsp  Sugar OR 3 tsp  Glycerine**

Note : ** Glycerin works better than sugar to help stabilize the blown bubbles and gives them a shiny appearance. Glycerin can be found in most pharmacies.

DISSOLVE the sugar or glycerin into the water then add the dishwashing soap. STORE the bubble solution in a jar or wide mouth seal able container.DISPENSE the solution into a flat container, like a plastic plate or pie tin, for ease of use. BLOW bubbles using just about anything you can think of to make bubbles -- plastic straws, shapes made out of construction paper .... be creative!                  


Glubby Glob

1/2 cup  White School Glue (4 oz.)
1 cup  Water (Use 1/2 cup at a time)
1 tsp  Borax
Food Coloring

This is similar to "Silly Putty" . Add 1/2 cup of the water to the school glue, add food coloring. In a separate cup add 1/2 cup of water to the Borax until dissolved. Add the two mixtures together. The final product should be very a very thick glob surrounded by excess liquid. Mix until the glob is more solid. POUR off the excess water. KNEAD the Glob until thick. STORE the Glob in a air-tight plastic bowl, cup, or large baggie.

NOTE: This recipe contains Borax and is not intended for young children. Ages 6 and above. 


About the Links on your left !

Views Of A 10 Year Old ABCD Well now you may ask what ABCD* is , in the Indian-American lingo it is "American Born Confused Desi" ( Desi = Indian). 

Go to Kids Stories where you will find wonderful fables and short stories to tell your kids. 

Fun Facts For Kids will feature tidbits about the US and India. 

Fun Trivia Take the polls and join in the featured Trivia.

Also the Cuisine Cuisine Funnies ..........you will laugh your heart out!

World News There is Headline news, Political news, Entertainment news and International news. Go ahead and read...look!

World Weather Find the weather in your country or city over here. Also a temperature converter.

World Time Find the time in another city. Plus "Do you know what Internet time is?"  Find out by going to World Time.

Nutrition And Health brings you the basics of Nutrition and some calculators to find out your Body Fat percent, BMI and Calories burnt. We will be adding tips for fitness that have worked for "real" people.

What Day You Were Born? Find out here. Plus what your birth date says about you.

Find out your Daily Horoscope here.



So, there you have it, a fun place to hang out when sometimes you don't know where to go on the internet.



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